What is Money Comfort Zone?

I would like to define Money Comfort Zone as the amount of money that gives you or allows you to decide if you’re going to spend or if you’re going to save.

It is the comfort level that each time you see, when you know that you have that certain amount of savings in your piggy bank, in your home, or in your bank account you feel comfortable, you feel at ease.

When you see that amount and your savings or your money is above that level, let’s say your comfort level or your money comfort level zone is around ten thousand, then you see that you have fifteen thousand in your bank account you tend to spend the five thousand on other things that you want to buy. Why?

Because when your comfort level is at ten thousand, that “extra” five thousand in the bank makes you feel rich.

When you see that figure, you feel “Wow! I feel so rich, I have so much money. I can buy what I want”.

That’s what we call the Money Comfort Zone.

But whenever you only have five thousand in your bank account and you know you have that comfort level, that same money comfort zone which is around ten thousand, what are you going to do?

What if you want to buy a new phone?


What if you want to travel?

But you’ve seen your bank account is below your comfort level. What are you going to do?

Will you spend or will you save?

Most people, of course, they really strive hard, work hard, want to sell more, put more effort in their business, so that they can have more savings and get back to their money comfort zone, because when you have that, you feel more secured.

All of us, even people who love risk and adventure, still have that comfort level, its just that we have different levels.

What is your comfort level, what is your money comfort zone?

The good thing is, you can elevate that comfort zone as you go along.

When you already determined your money comfort zone, you can slowly try to consciously change that.

Maybe from ten thousand, you want to make it eleven thousand or twelve thousand or when you already have  the savings of twelve thousand, don’t spend it. Only spend what is over that twelve thousand then maybe you want to elevate it to fifteen thousand, then twenty thousand and so on, until maybe a hundred thousand or more.

There are some people who have money comfort level that is at five hundred thousand or maybe one million.

When they only have less than one million in their bank account or in their liquid assets they really feel scared. They don’t really want to spend and they really want to strive harder. Which is also good.

Money comfort zone works for you or against you. So it is very important that you know your comfort level.

If you don’t know that there’s such a thing as money comfort zone and your money comfort zone happens to be too small, the thing is you will just spend and spend and spend, you can’t save anything.

The thing is, you may be paying yourself first, you may be saving, but all the money still gets blown away. Maybe it is because your money comfort zone is too small, so what you want is to expand it by consciously looking at your money comfort zone and try to save more and keep more money and maybe go to the next level after.

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