Takeaways from the Money and Me Seminar

Money is a Sensitive Topic

That is why not a lot of people, specially the ones we live together with at home, do not talk about most of the time. Being able to be interested in this topic seems taboo to most people since we are mostly raised to be conservative when talking about money. Most of us are made to believe that the chase for money is a “bad thing”. The big impact of this belief is that most people end up poor, and not rich.

Sha Nacino started the afternoon and shared 5 important points about money.

  1. You should define your goals clearly. Make sure your dreams and goals are written down.
  2. Zero out bad debts. It eats up your wealth. (if there’s any)
  3. Save
  4. Invest what you save.
  5. Invest in yourself.

That is what you are doing today. Reading this blog post, following my videos, attending my seminars and other seminars, that’s investing in yourself.


Filipinos have Awesome Values

Mike Grogan, the Irish best-selling author of his book, The Rise of the Pinoy, pointed out 2 amazing things and values he observed with the Filipinos, that literally changed his life. These are our bayanihan spirit and the walang iwanan mindset.

He emphasized that these traits and values may be normal to us Filipinos, but to the foreigners, it is mind blowing! I was actually inspired and my love to the Filipino people grew even more with his statements. It’s funny that an Irish guy would be the one to have an enormous impact to my nationalistic spirit at this point.

Mike called two of his team members who are Filipinos who also have inspiring stories. Their team goes around the country spreading the message and reminding us that we are world-class. He ended his 30-minute talk emphasizing that our false limiting beliefs are the major reason why we are not getting the amount of success that we want.

The Mastermind Group

Next up is the 5 of us, Sha, Ebb, Will, Jay, and me. We took the stage and talked about our entrepreneurial journey sharing the major lessons we learned along the way.

We all agreed that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs, but is really an exciting experience we will never regret taking. We talked about having the right timing to finally call it quits from employment and plunge into the business world. Nevertheless, be prepared for the sacrifices you have to make and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

The people with the most money also have the most mistakes.


Money is Energy

Jhet Van Ruyven went up the stage to wake up the participants with her fun and witty personality. She was all over the place with her energy yet she delivered a short, sweet, and emotional message to us. She pointed out that in order to earn a lot of money, you should have a lot of energy. I would always say that energy is contagious.

Jhet also highlighted that your success is within your control. You should not rely on others when it comes to your future.

Never Give Up

You cannot end the day better than Arnold Vargas, the janitor-turned-entreprenuer, took his story up the stage. It was a story that moved most, if not all of us into tears. He shared his story from a dream of having a complete family, to taking odd jobs, getting rejected numerous times, then finally getting hired to a sales job, struggled a lot, before making it big an establishing his own publishing company.

Words can’t express how I felt listening from this man. I don’t want to do this but… you missed a lot! You should hear his story too.

Lesson learned here. You should never miss these types of events whenever you can.


Continue Learning

My next seminar will be the Timeless Marketing Intensive which I will be running on December 11, 2016.

Go to this page to read the details of this seminar if you wish to attend>>> http://djdimaliuat.com/programs/tmi/

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