7 signs that you’re ready for Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is slowly becoming the career of choice for most people. We are starting to acknowledge that entrepreneurship is best way to go especially for those whose end goal is financial freedom.


Whenever I am giving talks or shooting live and recorded videos, I noticed that majority of my audience would always dream of being an entrepreneur in the near future. Some are existing entrepreneurs that are still learning and wants to level up. Most are those who are still dreaming to become one. This is the reason that I decided have this as a topic in one of my talks and I am also sharing this to my blog.

Here are the 7 signs that you are ready to take the plunge and play in the bigger game of entrepreneurship.

1. You Always Exceed Expectations.

People who become successful don’t just give what is expected. They understand that they cannot wow the crowd and their audience by doing that. If you are one of those people who always go overboard and you always overdeliver then that’s a great sign that you are ready for the big league.

Those who stay poor when they only give what they are paid for. By doing this, they just settle. They start accepting a mediocre life and that they can only do what is normal. Successful entrepreneurs do things out of normal and out of the ordinary. When you practice this, people will start to appreciate your value and you will be paid what you deserve.

2. You Look for Solutions not Problems.

What do you do when there are challenges arising in your job, your office, your community, your organization, or your home? Do you contribute in solving these problems or do you add in the frustration of the team? Do you think of solutions that can help the situation or do you whine and complain about what cannot be done and what should have happened?

Entrepreneurs know that the best person to solve the problem is themselves. They do not wait for others to come up with a solution. They try their best to come up with and answer or at least contribute to the team. When you do this, you will be surprised to the amount of problems you will be able to solve and how easier life can be lived. Remember, entrepreneurs make money by solving problems. Every problem you solve, you deserve to be paid. You won’t get paid by complaining and contributing to the problem instead of being part of the solution. Entrepreneurship is a game of providing solutions to problems that you see.

3. You Create Opportunities.

Do you believe that opportunities only knocks once? If you do, you might want to change that belief ASAP. Opportunities are out there and they come and go. Opportunities won’t wait for you when you’re not ready so people who are not prepared will always get frustrated and will continue to complain.

If you are those who look at problems and challenges as opportunities to evolve, grow, learn, and eventually earn then keep it up! You are in the right track. You cannot wait for opportunities to come. You got to observe your surroundings and what is happening so you can identify the opportunity disguising as a problem. People who always seem to find an opportunity in every situation and challenges would always end up on top. Entrepreneurship is an art of creating opportunities and make a profit from it.

4. You Set Goals and You go for it.

Believe it or not but 97% of people don’t have their goals written down. Some might have goals but they only keep it in their mind. I call it daydreaming. Once you set a goal and write it down, you start to commit and tell your mind that you are going to get it. Writing it down is the first step, then comes the actions necessary to reach your goal.

Rich people don’t daydream. They set a goal, set their sights in to it, and never stop until they achieve it. If you have the guts to go for your dreams and are stubborn enough to give up then you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Most if not all entrepreneurs never got it right the first time. Some got it the third, fourth, fifth, even tenth, hundredth, or even the thousandth time. The common thing is they never gave up. They set their goals and get it no matter what. Even if it takes them years to get it.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to get your goals and dreams.

5. You Strive for Progress not Perfection.

It’s nice to be perfect but perfect might not even get you started. Instead, start and implement your plans. Most plans don’t go as people who planned it envisioned it. You will still have to adjust along the way because of uncontrollable circumstances. Average people try to be perfect. Rich and successful people don’t mind imperfection as long as there’s progress.

If you like to implement things even without a guaranteed result then you are that type who is willing to take a risk. Successful entrepreneurs took risks and continue to take risks in their businesses. Most of the time they fail, but they only need to get it right once. Then the result will be so enormous that it separates them from the crowd. When it happened, there’s no more looking back. Success comes easier after that. If you are not a fan of analysis paralysis and you want to just apply it instead, then you can be the next best entrepreneur.

6. You’re always Hungry for more Learning.

The fact that you got to this post and still reading it means that you acknowledge that you need to learn some more. This is one of the best qualities of successful entrepreneurs. It does not mean that they already made it, they will not grow themselves even more. They understand that the world is ever changing and the only thing that is constant in this world is change.

People who do not improve and learn new skills eventually become obsolete. Products, companies, people, become obsolete when they do not ride the wave of change. People change. Markets change. Technology changes all the time. the more you acknowledge your need for growth, the more you will be equipped in this ever changing world. Stay hungry, stay foolish, and welcome to the world of entrepreneurship.

7. You’re Always Grateful every single day.

True successful entrepreneurs stay humble in spite of their achievements. They believe that every great thing is a blessing. It takes practice to be grateful every single day. It even takes more practice to be thankful even when there are challenges happening in our lives. When you choose to be grateful and acknowledge even the small things, it is easier for you to appreciate the bigger things.

In entrepreneurship, there will surely be challenges that you will encounter in your journey. If you are not equipped in acknowledging even the smallest things, then frustration will eventually set in. That is the start of the fall of most people. You got to practice being grateful with all the things that are happening because you can expect bigger things and challenges to happen when you are already in business. It is for the tough and persistent. Staying tough becomes easy when the attitude of gratitude is there.

If you are practicing these things mentioned above then you will surely be ready for entrepreneurship.

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