The Rule of 72 applied to learning

How many times have you attended seminar?

How many times did you learn a lot and got excited?

Now. How many times did you apply the learnings you got from it?

It’s funny how people are always excited at the end of each seminar as they feel that they got valuable information that will change their life! Then… after a few weeks. Things are back to normal.

This happened to me too. Before, I used to wonder why… Then I learned about this rule… The rule of 72.


Now I understand why…

The Rule of 72

Let me tell you this. All learning materials, books, videos, audio books, especially seminars are meant to inspire, motivate, and educate. After learning the important things, we tend to feel empowered and excited.

That’s a power that we need to utilize. Hence, the rule of 72 states that…

Any learning that is not applied within 72 hours, gets lost!”

Do you want to waste what you’ve just learned?

Empty your Cup

However, most people get into the trap of learning until they get their cups full. Then they don’t want to learn any more. People get tired of training because they’re thinking “I already know this”.

How about people who are hungry for learning? They are the learners. It’s good that they want to learn in a constant basis but what will really change their life is… Application.

Always remember that knowledge remains only a potential powerful tool, until it is applied.

One Makes a Difference

How can I apply all?

No! You don’t need to apply them all. It’s impossible to be able to apply everything.

You just need to apply what you’ve learned one at a time. Don’t rush. What’s important is that you’re moving.

Action beats planning all the time!

Continuous Growth

Since we cannot apply everything that we have previously learned, it means the need for continuous regular training for all of us. People who continuously apply what they’re learning gets ahead in life and elevates from the rest of the pack. I mentioned the importance of this in my article about focus in earning millions.

I hope you do so today. Apply the rule of 72 and don’t waste the most valuable learnings you had this past week. Start moving. Start growing.

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