5 Reasons to invest in the Philippines Today

Many say that life here in the Philippines is not so good. People do not feel the effects of the programs of the government. Most people tend to blame other people, their boss, or the government, for their misfortune. But the reality is, most of them are just not invested in the Philippines today. They are not even looking for reasons to invest in the Philippines. They are not like you.


You can never feel the good effects and growth of the country if you don’t invest in it, if you just become a spectator, rather than a player. So I am telling you that you should be part of the game by playing in it. But before you invest, let us take a look at 5 reasons why you should consider investing in the Philippines today.


1.Our Economy is Growing

Philippine Economy growing Reasons to invest in the Philippines

The 1st quarter of 2017 posted a 6.3% growth in the Philippines’ GDP. This is one of the highest in the Asian region. If you are going to invest your money, would it be wiser to put it in a basket where there is bigger potential return?

Consumer spending is still the biggest contributor in the Philippines economy uprise. Filipinos love to spend, often times even to a fault. But that characteristic is also the reason why the Philippines is becoming stronger. It has become attractive to the eyes of foreign investors so if you’re a Filipino, you should have more reasons to invest in the Philippines today. You might want to profit in your own country rather than just allowing foreigners and the rich to milk from our economy.

Imagine you are invested in a business that sells products like to buy and consume on a regular basis. For sure you will agree that this business will boom and its income will grow. If you are invested in it, you will feel the growth of the business and this country as well. People who continue to complain and say that there is no opportunity in this country is looking elsewhere, or maybe, they are not really looking at all.


2. Robust Property Sector

Philippine Property Housing Sector Reasons to invest in the Philippines

The growth of the real property sector has never been this stable. Way back 1997 during the Asian financial crisis, our real estate got hit because most buyers are merely speculators and there are not much real demand for housing. Today is a different story. With the housing backlog already at 3.5 Million houses and still growing, there is a pressing need that the present number of developers cannot address. There is a lot of room for more new developments and housing to be provided for the Filipino people.

If you choose to invest in real estate, you can have a good return on rentals or even join the bandwagon of selling properties as an agent. The growing population created this need for housing and I don’t see this stopping anytime soon, especially to the affordable housing sector.

You may want to read this post first before you start investing in real estate.


3. Positive Demographic Window

The Philippines’ median age is at 23 years old. This means that majority of our population is really young. The younger population fuels the consumption as the youth’s tendency is to spend either their hard earned money or the money of their parents. They are not focused on savings and investments yet.

If you are part of the Millenials, you may find yourself in the Spenders side of the coin as well. It is not wrong to spend your money but it will be best if you also learn to start investing some of it. Ideally you save 20% of your income and invest at least 10% of it.

The Philippines just entered the demographic sweet spot last 2015 and it is expected to last until the year 2050. This means that majority of our population is at their active working years. This will result to more income generated that results to bigger and faster consumption. Again if you are invested in the Philippines, you will feel it. If you remain a watcher, then good luck. I hope this gives you more reasons to invest in the Philippines now.


4. Infrastructure Projects

The Philippine government has a lot of infrastructure projects lined up. They may be slow in implementing these plans but slowly but surely, I am seeing some improvements. These projects creates more jobs, impacts more families, and give way to more opportunities.

The transport of goods, for example, will greatly benefit from the road networks being constructed all around as the travel time will be significantly reduced. New airports constructed will result to more travelers accommodated. Opportunities are being spread all over the country which will result to more opportunities for growth outside the nation’s capital. It may not necessarily decongest Metro Manila, but it will surely make way for the rise of additional major cities all over the country.

If you are looking for reasons to invest in the Philippines today, look around you. When there is development, there is money.


5. Your Contribution to the Economy

You may have not seen this coming but this is certainly true. One of the biggest reasons to invest in the Philippines today is that you will be contributing to nation building. When foreigners invest in the Philippines, it will not be forever. When there are changes that happen in the government policies which are completely out of our control, these foreign investors may be forced to pull out to mitigate their risks, causing a shake up in our stock market.

As of this writing, majority of the investors in our country are still foreigners and that is the reason why I am writing this post, to encourage you, my fellow Filipinos to start and continue investing in the Philippines today.

We are so much into spending and we are not used to investing even just a part of our income. We got to start investing in the Philippines not just so we can have a better future but to help this nation rise together. Only we, the Filipinos, can help our own country to rise. There is no better way to do that than to uplift the quality of our own lives thru investing and along the way, you are also helping the Philippines as well.


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