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Do you ever wonder how to be successful? You came to the right place.

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If you are in a sales career, you may be finding a hard time to elevate your market or find the right fit with your personality, that’s why you are having a hard time how to be successful and getting real tremendous success.

If you always wanted to start a business, you may have read about this already… that you should be focusing on a business that communicates your passion to your target market. This is so important so that even when the going gets tough (as it definitely will), you will not give up with you business because you love what you’re doing!

I always say that the fastest and best way to learn is to study and copy other successful people. That is why I wrote and shared to you my free ebook which can be downloaded at

For your success to be timeless and for it to be truly sustainable, even if all other factors will change like the market, social media, and the internet, when you know yourself and learn how to clearly communicate your message, you will still be able to understand the secret on  how to be successful and maintain your success.

Even when prices fluctuates, unemployment rate hikes up, political issues arise, and all other uncontrollable factors come up, when you learn about yourself deeper through Timeless Marketing Intensive (TMI), you can survive anything.

In this program you will:

 Know yourself deeper so that you can clearly communicate your ideas to any market you pick, and dominate that niche should you choose to.

 Have a clearly defined mission that will guide you on what you have to do, in your career or business, every single day.

 Learn tools and techniques that are effective today on  how to be successful and use this to tap your market using the  internet and social media in particular.

 Have a lot of fun and learning for the whole day!

This program will be on August 27, 2017 (8am to 8pm)

The tuition is only P 4,970 ($97)

For early birds, you can enroll for only P 2,970 ($57) if you pay until June 30, 2017

If you delay, the tuition will be as follows:

 July 1 to 31 – P 3,970

 August 1 to 26 – P 4,470

 August 27 (walk-in rate) – P 4,970

You may pay thru Paypal or thru Bank Deposit.

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The course outline of this intensive is as follows:

I. Timeless Marketing Blueprint

 Principles of Timeless Success and its importance to your business

 The Most Important Skill in Business

 The Anatomy of Top Performers

II. Personal Brand Blockbuster

 The Importance of a Mission Statement in  how to be successful in your Business

 Crafting your Personal Mission Statement

 Group Coaching Session

III. Daily Activity Booster

 Discuss the Purpose of have a Lower Limit

 A Strategy that will Push you to move Every Single Day

 Establishing your Lower Limit

IV. Winning Campaign Strategy

 The Blue Ocean Strategy

 The Winning Campaign Mindset

 Writing your own Winning Strategy to get ahead of your competition

V. The Attention Economy

 Understanding the Attention Economy

 5 secrets to surely win the attention of your target market

 5 Major Facebook and Online Marketing Strategies applicable today

VI. Closing Mindset Formula

 Establishing the mindset that you need to close every business transaction

 Discussion of the 3 Powerful Questions in Closing

 Answering the 3 Powerful Questions

Plus… a surprise activity at the end of the day!

What People Say About TMI

We are down to our last 48 13 slots because there will be group activities and we need a manageable number of attendees so you can get the most out of this workshop!

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The next intensive is set on August 27, 2017 (Sunday), from 8am to 8pm at DRIVEN Lab Training and Development Center. Address is at #600 Cordillera St. Mandaluyong City.


 how to be successful with dj dimaliuat“Your Success is directly proportional to the clarity of your vision”

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