Never Commit the Same Mistake Twice

A major rule in life!

Never commit the same mistake twice!

3 weeks ago, I am the last to check in my baggage for my flight to Malaysia.

The result?

The airline left my luggage in Manila and I was left with no extra clothes for 1 day!

I was in training camp back then and it was a funny and challenging experience.

This time, things are different.

I am one of the early birds to check in and I made sure that it will bever happen again.

In life, we make mistakes. That’s normal.

When sh*t happens, make sure you are able to forgive yourself.

What’s important is your ability to bounce back as fast as you can.

Then… never repeat the same mistake ever again!

If you missed a business opportunity, make sure you will grab when something comes up again next time.

If you had a quarrel with a friend or family member, make sure to be the one to apologize first.

If you break your own word, make sure you commit to it 100% starting today.

There are second chances in life but make sure not to take things for granted as your luck may eventually run out.

Young Millionaires are not perfect but they learn from their mistakes and they strive to be better every single day.

I hope you take the challenge to be the best version of yourself starting today.

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