The Law of Picture as Applied to Leadership


I want to share with you something about leadership and some of the principles about leadership.

The Law of Picture

When you’re a leader and you want to teach your subordinates, followers, downlines, agents, sales persons, everyone, staff, and maybe when you’re a parent, your kids. You have to follow this law.

The Law of Picture states that it doesn’t matter what you say, even if what you say is really good, if your people or your followers don’t see you doing it, then they won’t follow.

They will just follow what you are doing.

I too have also learned that the hard way. I teach a lot of people and sometimes, what I teach to them, I do not apply to myself, so a lot of times they won’t follow.

People learn best through modelling, by seeing what other people do, basically in this world, majority are visuals. Around 70% of people are visual learners. If you want to teach them something you cannot just tell them what to do, you have to show them what to do, so that is why we also call leaders as role models. You have to be a great model to your people, to your followers and if you want them to do something, if you want to teach them something, the best way to do it is show them what to do.

Here is one example, when I tell you to attend international training or go global and you don’t see me doing it, training abroad, creating international network, connecting with different nationalities, then I know, you would not do it. Why? Because you could easily tell me, “Hey DJ! You’re not doing it, how come you’re telling us to do this?”, but when you see me doing something that I teach, doing something that I preach, it is easier for you to also do it, it is easier for me to influence.

That is the law of Picture, as a leader, if you are in the sales company, in the sales industry, or if you own a business and you’re telling people to do something, you want them to follow you, you should show them first, show them how it’s done, but of course don’t want to get caught that you are the only one doing it or you’re the best one in your team, it shouldn’t be that way. I will be discussing that in my next blog, it is called the Law of Empowerment.

So basically, The Law of Picture is before you teach other people, you have to do it yourself first and show them how it’s done.

Show them that you are also doing the talk, not just talking the talk.

You have to show them your results. You have to show them that you are doing what you said they have to do.

Walk the talk.

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