How to make Millions? Here are 5 things I focused on…

Back in college, I was wondering how to make millions as young as possible. The only possibility I knew before is that after graduation, I will work and after 10 years, I might have already earned my 1st million. However, I may have spent that amount too by then, maybe more.


Fortunately, I realized early that I have to focus on important things in order to earn my first million before 30. As a result, I earned my first million in less than 1 year after graduation, at age 22. So the secret on how to make millions is just out there. What I did is I studied those things, learned from other people, then applied it in my life. Here are the 5 things I focused on that allowed me to earn my 1st million and sustain my success over the years:


Early on, I realized that I cannot rely on my parents if I want to achieve my dreams. I researched about how to make millions and one of the major things that pop up all the time is this thing about sales. A lot of successful people would say that you have to learn how to sell in order to be really successful. There’s no business in the world that doesn’t need to sell. Every business is a sales business. You got to have sales in order to sustain the expenses that your business will have.

Even if you say that your business is education (if you are a school), you still have to sell your school to the parents of the children in order for them to pay you for your services. You still have to sell them books, uniforms, supplies even. Every business is a sales business.

What I like in the sales industry is that you can make a huge amount of money with a little amount of capital. Sometimes, training and development are even given to you for free. Now this industry answered my question on how to make millions. This industry alone gave me a taste of my first ever million at a very young age.


You can earn a lot of money in selling products and services but if you want to know how to make millions and millions in a longer period of time, then leadership is the answer. I realized that it is not so easy to maintain my level of sales if I do it alone and if that is my only source of income. When I searched more about how to make millions, I found out that I have to leverage myself through others as well. I realized that I can earn a fortune developing and leading more people.

During the early stage of my business career, I already put leadership as one of my priorities because it will give me the answer to my biggest question on how to make millions. When I saw a great opportunity, at first I dreamt of having my friends and family with me. I invited them to do business with me and some actually followed my footsteps. Soon enough I met more people who are not in my close circle but wanted to do business with me too. As the number of people around me increased, the income increased as well. However, the realization came that I needed to increase my leadership qualities in order to keep them in my team. That’s what I’ve been continually doing up until this day.


Recruiting people, bringing them in my team, and leading them to getting their desired results so I can also get mine is the perfect formula for getting a more sustainable success. That’s how I made millions and that’s how to make millions and millions even more. Leadership is the secret to sustained success.


As the number of people in my team grew, the more it is getting out of hand. The major reason is that one person can only handle up to a certain number of people before the container collapses. That is the reason why I decided to grow my container my injecting myself in to more training and development programs.

I would always say that the capacity of the team is greatly dependent to the capacity of you as a leader. The more people you want to lead and the farther you want to bring them, the bigger the role you have to play. This means the bigger you have to grow too. I am not talking about your physical shape. Just to be clear.

If you want to discover how to make millions then you have to inject yourself into a lot more training programs as much as you can. The more you input to your mind, coupled with inspired application of what you are learning, the more results you are going to get. Guaranteed!

When I accepted that there’s still a lot of things that I don’t know and there’s still a lot of room to grow for me, I immediately looked for places where I can learn and mentors who can teach and develop me more. Up to this very moment, I am still growing myself and still in a look out of training programs that can help me develop my skills that brings me great results.


Aside from being a bit lazy, I also realized that I cannot do most things alone. I accepted that I needed help and that’s why I surrounded myself with the right people. I looked for partners.

Fast forward today, I can say I made the right decision. I do not regret every decision that I made for partnering up with trusted people as I would have never achieved what I have achieved if not for the people who has been there with me since Day 1. Working with the right partners made things easy for me. Lesser problems, more results.

I also treated my team members and employees not as subordinates, but partners. Without them, I know I cannot reach the same level of success as I want it to be. I invest in good relationships with them and most of the things that we agree upon are mutually beneficial. It pays to play win-win.


Nothing beats action. As I wanted to make millions as young as possible, I knew that I had to take massive action. Yes, there may be a lot of problem. Yes, there may be a lot of challenges. Yes, there may be imperfections. Take action anyway!

Action beats mere planning all the time. I focused on taking action even when I still don’t know what might be the outcome. I take calculated risks, take action, then adjust along the way rather than get paralyzed with over thinking and unreasonable analysis. As a result, I get better and better all the time.

This is my answer to the question how to make millions? You got to focus on these 5 things and never let up. Your results will surely be amazing!

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