Having Fun! It’s fun, right? 😀

Why is it important to have fun? How do we make it really effective? How can we effectively have fun and at the same time make money along the way?

Since we’re talking about business and I talk a lot about business and money and also having fun. Let us try and marry it together. 

How often do you have fun? How often do you do the things that you love to do for yourself?

How often do you relax and stop doing your business, stop doing your work? Maybe on a weekend or maybe at night after work? 

What do you do? Do you play basketball, do you go to a bar for a night out? Do you watch a movie? Dinner with your friends and your family?

What  are the things that you really want to do?

Do you want to travel the world? Travel all over your country?

What is having fun for you?

Maybe having fun for you is just having a vacation from work. Which is really good! Maybe having fun for you is just eating in a buffet restaurant, maybe just eating chocolates. Mmm-mmmm! Ice Cream! Sweets! Maybe just watching a basketball game or playing sports.

What is having fun for you?

Define having fun to make it effective in your life, especially in your business and your money life. What you want to do is make having fun a reward for a job well done.

Like for example, your goal is to make four sales in a month. Every time you’re making a sale, one sale. You can have fun as a reward for yourself based on that sale. In that way, you will not feel guilty, because you are not having fun too many times. I also feel at times that I am having too much fun, too much playing games, too much fooling around and not doing business.

What I’m trying to do is to justify myself having fun, what I do is I make sure that the commitment I have set for myself, I make sure I do it and when I achieve it, I’ll make sure I also compensate and reward myself by having fun.

That is how you create balance. When you have balance in terms of professional and personal life, at the end of the day you will be the happiest, maybe even the happiest person alive.

The truth is what we really want in life is to be happy, not just be rich but also HAPPY.

Marry it together, have fun then make sure you do what is needed to be done in your business, produce, and then have fun again. Do it side by side.

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