Every Dream Has a Price

When I was 18yrs old, I started a small eloading business. I needed a spare phone, Php 500 for a SIM Card, and Pph 1,000 initial inventory.

I needed to shell out capital.

Since that small amount is already big for a college student like me, there was a high level of commitment to make it successful.

True enough, after a year, I multiplied my money to 20x its original amount. I was ecstatic.

Not because of the amount of money I had, but because I understood the formula. I learned that if I commit to something 100%, I will get favorable results.

Since then, I knew I will be successful in business. Why? Because I know that I don’t take things for granted. I realized that every dream has a price. I am willing to pay that price.

Year 2011, I paid Php 10,000 to get 60 CPD units for a real estate brokers’ review. I passed. Now I am earning more than 100x that investment.

I made a commitment, and I stuck with it. Every dream has a price. But it’s all worth it.

If you want to change your life for good, then make a commitment to make it happen.

Don’t wait for things to happen.

Don’t let naysayers stop you from getting what you want. Remember, these dreams are yours, not theirs. They won’t understand.

Don’t listen to people who are afriad to fail. Listen to people who have failed yet made it anyway. These are the people who understand that adversity is a part of your journey to success.

Invest in yourself. Take risks. You still have time. But you’ll run out of time if you don’t take action.

Take the leap of faith today.

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