Don’t get out of your COMFORT ZONE!

Get out of your comfort zone?? Think Again.

So I am sitting here beside the window of my condo and I have decided to write something about the impact if you get out of your comfort zone.

A lot of times when you attend a training, when Your boss, your upline, your mentor, or someone who always coaches or guides you…

Most of the time they get out of your comfort zonewould tell us “GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE”, “GO OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY”.

But let me ask you this… when they tell you or when they  tell us to get out o
f our comfort zone, what are you feeling? How does it feel when somebody tells you to get out your comfort zone?

Me, I want to be honest… it feels uncomfortable, that’s why it’s called “out of your comfort zone”. Even though I push myself hard, even though I push myself out of the ordinary, out of the box, most of the time, because it’s too uncomfortable, I don’t want to do it again or it is kind of hard for me to do it again and again, because of me thinking “this is out of my comfort zone”. I don’t want to get out of your comfort zone!

So what else can you do aside from getting out of your comfort zone?

get out of your comfort zone

I want you to this instead… What I want you to do is, you might want to do something extra, you do something that you’re not doing regularly but with a different mindset.

get out of your comfort zone mindset

You will be doing this and this will not be getting out of your comfort zone, instead what you will be doing is you will be expanding your comfort zone, so eventually this “something new” that you are about to do will be part of your comfort zone and you will be able to do it again and again and again. That’s a different mindset!

I remember some time ago, I attended a training in Bali, one of my mentors Peng Joon told us to shoot a video at least once a week, then eventually repurpose it into a blog, an e-book, etc. He is basically telling you to get out of your comfort zone!

Before, I was just thinking, maybe I can’t shoot a video once a week, even once a month, because I don’t have a topic, I am not used to shooting videos regularly, but just because I decided to do that and if you have noticed, when I was in Singapore a couple months back, I have shot 8 videos in a week.


Today, shooting videos is now part of my life. Shooting live videos is now part of my comfort zone.

It is not something new to me anymore. My mindset now is, shooting videos is not out of my comfort zone. It’s now natural! It’s part of my comfort zone and I love it!

I just decided to grow my comfort zone and decided to do it regularly. It has become my routine at least once a week. I have decided to make it part of my life. If it’s a regular thing for me now, it does not become uncomfortable anymore. It becomes a routine. it becomes comfortable.

We human beings are creatures of habit, we want to do something that we are comfortable, we do not always want to do something uncomfortable because it feels bad, it gives us pressure. Yes, pressure is good sometimes, but it is really hard to always give pressure to yourself. Sometimes you may give sick by simply giving too much pressure to yourself.

What I want you to do is just have a different mindset, instead of you deciding to get out of your comfort zone, why not grow your comfort zone so that you can do something different, you can do bigger things, but you are comfortable with it. Are you ready for that?

Here is my challenge to you. As you read this blog, I want you to comment below, that something you want to master or you want to be part of your habits. What is that one thing that maybe right now you are thinking that it is to out of your comfort zone?

What is that one thing that you want to be a new habit for you?

dont get out of your comfort zone

Expand your comfort zone and make it a regular thing for you. In that way, your success will be so much easier. I guarantee.

Do something new and make it a regular habit. Do it not just one time. Do it all the time!

A lot of times, success is just a shift in mindset. People tend to over-complicate success by doing this and that. They forget that the real essence of success is consistency. When you do one thing consistently, it becomes part of you. It becomes easy!

Your goal is to make everything that you do, easy! Isn’t it a great feeling? That everything around you is just flowing and it seems easy?

You can if you choose to believe that it’s possible!

One more thing that I don’t usually do before is to write. I can’t believe that I am now a blogger, an an author at the same time! My book is coming up soon. It’s title is The Secret Life of a Young Millionaire.

I also wrote an ebook about the 6 important habits you need to have.

If you still haven’t got a copy of my ebook, just go to my website

See you soon!

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