7 Mathematical Symbols about Financial Freedom

A lot of people hate the subject Math because our teachers back in school tend to over complicate it. If they only knew that you can actually use the basics for everyone’s financial freedom, their approach could be different.

Financial Freedom

Earning money is never enough if one wants to be financially free. You got to learn the principles of financial freedom and apply it in your life now. A lot of people wants to get rich but they fail to understand this very powerful concept: You can never be rich, unless you are financially free first.

Let me share to you the things that Math can teach you about financial freedom and how it can help you achieve it:

1. Less Than <

You must always spend less than you earn. This is the most important but often neglected rule in Financial Freedom. Nobody can be financially free when they are overspending. No matter how much you earn, if you are spending all of it, or worse more, you can never achieve financial success. Sooner or later, your income may encounter a roadblock or a hump that will reduce its speed. Making sure that you always spend less that what you are making will give you a certain amount to invest in order for your money to grow.

2. Greater Than >

Your Passive Income must be Greater Than Your Expenses.

The real goal is not to gather the biggest income but to exceed your expenses with the income that you generate without requiring your own time. Time must always be in the equation when we talk about freedom. You can never really be financially free if you are still trading time for money, no matter how big your income may be.

3. Addition +

Add value to other people’s lives.

Find a way to give more value to other people. In that way, your perceived value grows. You can eventually make more money as a result. Look for solutions to problems of people and you will get paid. That’s what entrepreneurs do. That’s how entrepreneurs are born. That’s how they get to the goal of financial freedom.

Financial Freedom in Math

4. Subtraction –

Subtract things you do in your life that you don’t like doing.

Trying to do everything on your own is a death wish. Learn to delegate tasks that make you inefficient. Entrust key tasks that are taking too much of your time. Outsource tasks in areas where you don’t excel or you don’t like doing so you can focus on things you are good at. Eliminate distractions that are counter-productive. Only do things that makes sense to you now. In this way, you are preparing for financial freedom which is really what you want in the first place.

5. Multiplication x

Multiply yourself through others.

Believe that you are duplicable and you are not so special. There are people who can do things that you do. Some, maybe even better than you. Leverage through them so you can have more time for other things that you need to do. Focus on things they can’t do. There is where you’re needed. Developing leaders is the single best decision you can ever do in your life and in your business. You multiply your resources, you multiply your results. Then you achieve financial freedom next.

6. Division ÷

Divide tasks and assign it into teams.

Nobody can be great alone. To achieve financial freedom, you should have teams. Learn to work with other people so you don’t have to do everything on your own and get choked. Assign tasks to your leaders. Allow them to take the spotlight. They love it! Learn to share the accolades as well as the rejections and failures. Doing it together with a team makes jobs easier, obstacles smaller, rejections lighter, and victories sweeter.

7. Equals =

Your self worth will always equate to your net worth.

How much wealth you believe you deserve, that is what you will tolerate. What you tolerate, that is what you earn, what you keep, and what you further create. Believe it or not, there are some people who earns a big amount of money then they feel guilty about it. They don’t feel they deserve earning that much (either consciously or subconsciously), and that’s why their tendency is to throw it all away. Believing that you deserve wealth is a crucial part of being financially free. You got to learn how to receive.

Here’s is the recorded video for a more detailed explanation of each item.



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