The 5 Changes You Need to Make for Effective Leadership

Have you been wondering how to be a leader?

Are you asking yourself what does it take to ensure effective leadership and for people to follow you?

Isn’t it frustrating when you don’t get the results that you want for you and your team?

There is a big void to fill in this world and that is leadership. Most people need direction and guidance and since we have a scarcity of true leaders, people go astray. People do not reach their full potential because nobody is leading them the right way. There is a big need for effective leadership and here I want to share to you the 5 things you need to change and the SHIFT that you need to make on how to lead people more effectively.

1. Be Selfish

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Okay wait. Now this is now about JUST thinking about yourself. This is about thinking of your self and loving yourself as you help more people. Leaders has the tendency to give too much to other people and not leaving anything for themselves. This is a recipe for disaster.

It is natural for leaders to think of their people and their team. Leaders who do not leave something for themselves will surely drain their tanks and go overheat. You got to be clear with your “What’s in it for me?”.

Knowing why you are leading your people will help you make your success and leadership sustainable. When you are a leader, you will always be tested by challenges and obstacles, so knowing what you will eventually get for leading people will be a strong enough motivation to last long and have an effective leadership working.

2. Be Honest

A great leader is honest to his team. You got to throw away your need to be liked by people in order for you to sustain effective leadership. Give valuable and honest feedback to your team when they are doing it wrong or underperforming. You got to practice appreciation, on the other hand, when their are doing great! Vulnerability and honesty is a must character to have for effective leadership.

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Leaders who fail to be honest with their people will see their team drown sooner if not later. Everyone needs a leader to check on them and guide them to do things right. That’s our job when you’re leading a group of people. Do not be afraid to get rejected or not be accepted by your team.

Leaders truly have the unenviable job of keeping things straight and letting the team know of the truth. Remember to be honest with your team so you can raise the bar on your way to effective leadership.

3. Be Intentional

I do not believe in luck. Every success in this world is planned. Well, at least successful people thought about it, had it written down, and took the necessary action needed towards their goal. You got to be intentional with what you want and create your own success.

Every single year, you got to set your goals for the whole year. That is the basic habit of success, setting goals. If you do not have the intention to create something, how can you expect to get it? Everything starts with intention so you got to set yourself up to win.

Leaders set the intention to what they want to create then they do the necessary steps to make it happen. Your dreams and goals will not be handed down to you on a silver platter. You got to be intentional in getting those dreams and goals if you want to sustain effective leadership.

4. Be Focused

When I ask you what is your goal this year, you got to give me an answer in 3 seconds, 5 seconds tops. When I ask you what do you want to achieve, you got to answer immediately. It has to be clear in your mind and in your heart what do you really want. Why? Because successful leaders know what they want.

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Most people are lost and don’t know what they will do and where they will go. Leaders provide that direction. That is another key to effective leadership. That is why we get paid more!

Relating to the previous item where I told you to set an intention, you got to be focused in getting what you intend to get every single day. Effective leadership is getting what you set your intention into, not just daydreaming.

Laser like focus is create with consistency. You got to think of it every single day so you always know where you are headed, no detours. People who have too many options just get distracted with these “commercials” and prevents them to getting to where they want to go fast. It will not happen to you when you have focus.

5. Be Tough

When you set your sights into a goal, you will be tested. That is why leaders need to be tough and courageous in facing all the challenges that will come. It will never be as easy as a walk in a park so you got to be prepares so that your team will be prepared.

Again, you team will be relying on your effective leadership in order for them to have to courage to weather the storm. They will hang on to your toughness as the daily grind comes.

When the going get’s really tough, only the tough ones get going. Tough leaders are needed in this kind of situation because most people will quit. Never give up on your goals and intentions that you’ve set. You owe it to your team.

Here is the recorded video when I talked about this topic more lengthily.

For you to ensure effective leadership and be prepared to take on the challenge on the next level, then you got to make the SHIFT. Be Selfish, Honest, Intentional, Focused, and Tough. You need all that for effective leadership.

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The world needs more leaders so step up and take charge!


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