3-Step Process to Start your Day Right

Everyday, we go into a battle with our Conditioned Mind whether to jump out of bed excited or crawl our way out of compliance.

Who can blame you? It feels good to sleep long hours right!

However, most of the time, this doesn’t serve us well.

This doesn’t start your day right. Isn’t it?

Having enough sleep is essential to our health and our body likes it but there’s another time for that.

Having ample sleep time is different from sleeping long hours and taking a long time to get up. That’s laziness and procrastination all at the same time!

Successful people have goals all the time and I know you have a few goals too.

The hardest part in reaching those goals is not doing the necessary things but to actually start it!

So here is my 3-Step process that I do every morning so I can start my day right and ensure that I have a very productive day.

1. Meditate – Use at least 10 minutes when you wake up for meditation.

For me, I include my prayers for the day during this time, I focus on gratitude for all my blessing in my life, then I shift to visualizing my 3-year vision, and then the intention of doing my plans for the day.

Meditation clears my mind with clutter and allows me to focus on the “Main Events” of my life which are the most important.

2. Exercise – Allocate between 20 to 30 minutes of your day for your physical body.

Successful people are holistic and are not just successful in terms of finances but also in health and relationships.

Taking care of your body will give you a happier, more meaningful life, because you have time and energy to enjoy what you have worked hard for, today and when you reach old age.

Exercise does not need to be heavy.

Start doing what you can. Start your day right by exercising. You will feel good after. I promise!

What’s important is the commitment and the habit of actually doing it!

3. Read Books – Feed your Mind.

Successful people never run out of great ideas simply because they feed their minds with the good stuff, not bad news and crap over the internet.

Books are written by the author to share their life’s work and inspiration to their readers. That’s my reason why I wrote my book.

I want to share the blessing I received and the wisdom I gained thru my journey.

More often than not, books will make you wiser and a more positive person.

Start reading books at least 20 minutes each day or at least 10 pages every morning. Make sure that you read non-fiction books if you want to be more successful in business.

Do these 3 steps every morning to start your day right and your life will never be the same!

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