The Law of Picture as Applied to Leadership

  I want to share with you something about leadership and some of the principles about leadership. The Law of Picture When you’re a leader and you want to teach your subordinates, followers, downlines, agents, sales persons, everyone, staff, and maybe when you’re a parent, your kids. You have to follow this…

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…AND WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE IT TOO! I will be explaining to you why I Love having challenges in my life and why you should also be loving when you have challenges in your life and not ignore or try to dodge it. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why I love…

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Having Fun! It’s fun, right? 😀 Why is it important to have fun? How do we make it really effective? How can we effectively have fun and at the same time make money along the way? Since we’re talking about business and I talk a lot about business and money…

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DJ Dimaliuat Official Website


I am DJ Dimaliuat and I am a leader of leaders.

My mission is to create 1000 millionaires that will also create more millionaires paying it forward.


For the past 7 years, I have helped create 70 new millionaires in the sales industry. I want to create a lot more. The number is growing as I continue to run one of the biggest real estate marketing companies in the Philippines, DRIVEN Marketing Group Inc., with over 1000 salespersons here and abroad. We have helped over 8000 families have their dream home.

I am grateful to my friends and family members who believed in me and supported me no matter what.



I am also a unit manager in Philam Life. We have a team of dynamic individuals who are living their passion and purpose in the insurance and financial planning industry. We have helped over 1000 families with their finances and we are so driven to reach more individuals as our group grows. I am looking for more people to help us join our cause: to spread financial literacy and empower people to take action… not get stuck with information. My goal is to reach 100 financial advisors in our team, there’s still room for some more.


My passion is training and developing people to be the best that they can be and become millionaires as young as possible. I believe everyone has the right to live the best life they can ever have. It is possible only if they believe.


I grow leaders, not followers.


I run training modules for entrepreneurs, sales, and management teams. I also create training modules that best fit the organization I work with.


Let me know how I can help you, your team, and your company improve.


I can be of service in the following areas and some of my programs:


I believe that everyone’s goal must be Financial Freedom in order to truly succeed financially.

DJ Dimaliuat

DJ Dimaliuat

For my videos, you can also visit my You Tube Channel